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4 Cups of 4 Wines at the Passover Seder


Bring your Seder to new heights with Golan Heights Winery guide to the secret of Seder wines

Start with a light white wine. You have four cups to drink through the Seder, that’s nearly a whole bottle of wine in one evening. ‘Warm up’ with something fresh to open up your palate. We recommend crisp and refreshing white like the Mount Hermon White. Yarden Gewurtzhraminer, Gilgal Sauvignon Blanc and Yarden Pinot Gris are also great choices to start the Seder off with a bang.

Switch things up with a fun red for the second cup. Since we’re still only just getting started, stay with ‘younger,’ less complex wines. You’ll enjoy the burst of flavor and with wines on the lighter side you’ll still stand of good chance of being awake to eat the affikoman.

For the second cup try the round and fruity Mount Hermon Indigo, or the classic Golan Cabernet Sauvignon, or the exciting new Gilgal Cabernet-Merlot blend.

The third cup is right before you finally get to eat the meal. Open up a bottle (or two, or three….) of something that will do ‘double-duty’ to go well with your food. Now is the time to break out more complex wines, with stronger flavors.

The sky is the limit for fans of red wines. Open bottle as the Seder starts so the wine will be ready for drinking by the time you reach the meal. Mount Hermon Red is a long-time favorite. Yarden Merlot, or Yarden Malbec will never fail to impress the guests. If you want something really special in honor of the holiday, the limited edition Yarden Rom or Katzrin Red are the perfect indulgence.

For white wine lovers, the classic Yarden Chardonnay is always a crowd pleaser, or Yarden Viognier offers a spicy and exotic twist.

When you hit the fourth cup, you’re nearly done. Now is the time to round the experience off with a sweet wine. If you’re already feeling the effects of the previous three cups, then the Mount Hermon Moscato has a low alcohol content with a delicate sweetness and a little natural sparkle, which is bound to hit the spot. Yarden Muscat is refreshingly sweet. Yarden T2 is an irresistible port style red wine.

If you really want to end the Seder with a bang, make a celebration into a party with a sparkling wine. The Yarden Blanc de Blancs is made with the traditional Champagne method making it the royalty of wines. If Blanc de Blanc is royalty, then the Yarden Rose is the King. Made only from the best of the harvest, the Yarden Rose is the pinnacle of winemaking. If your budget is slightly less royal, Gilgal Brut will bring high quality sparkle to your Seder.

Wishing everyone a happy Passover.

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