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Become a wine expert in two minutes with this quick guide

Become a wine expert in two minutes with this quick guide

Have enough to go around
No one wants to run out of wine at a party. Make sure you have plenty wine for all your guests. To gauge amounts a 750ml bottle is enough for 5-6 glasses

Find a winner every time with these wine recommendations:

• For guests who (think) they don’t like wine- choose a white semi dry or young fruity red or white wine, such as: the Gilgal Riesling, Yarden Gewurztraminer, the popular Hermon wines – Indigo or Hermon Red, and White.
• Hermon Moscato for a sweeter choice that is low in alcohol.
• For those guests favoring rich and flavor wines- serve a wine that has been aged in wooden barrels such as : Gilgal Pino Noir, Galil Alon and Ela.
• Those who are searching for a wine with a presence, look no further than the Gilgal reds: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Syrah or Cabernet – Merlot.
• For a festive touch, treat yourself to a wine from the Yarden series such as the award winning Cabernet Sauvignon, the classic Merlot or the impeccable Syrah.

Size matters

A standard wine bottle is 750ml. Some wines are also available in a small ‘couple sized’ 375ml bottle. A select few now come in the 1.5 liter ‘magnum’ size. Larger bottles slow the aging process and giving a low oxygen level creating a unique drinking experience.

Keep it cool

Don’t leave wine in your car for long periods of time. Overheating can destroy delicate flavors. White wine should be chilled 4 hours in advance. Red wines should be drunk at room temperature.

Play the matching game

Match glasses to types of wine. Wine glasses allow drinkers to taste the full range of layers and qualities in wine.
Red wine – Wide glass with tall generous bowl to encourage oxidation
White wine – Narrow glass with tapered top to concentrate aromas
Sparkling wine – Champagne flute, elegant glass keeps bubbles from dissipating.

Buy from the experts

Choose a good wine shop. Wine must be kept in the correct conditions to preserve its quality. Better to spend the extra dollar than to buy what amounts to overpriced vinegar.

Variety is the spice of life.

Serve different wines throughout the meal. Match wines to food being served. You can even cook with the same wine you plan to serve accompanying your meal to unite flavors.

Food wine pairing tips:

• Watch out for salt
Salty food can disrupt the natural choice taste of wine so choose carefully. Sparkling wines work wonderfully cleaning the salt from you pallet and adding interesting flavor nuances.
• Sweetly does it
Make sure that your wine is sweeter than your dessert or the dessert will make the wine taste bitter or tart.
• Match your textures
Light foods are best with light wines. Heavy foods with heavy wines. But what makes it light or heavy? For food, fat is the main contributor, the more fat in the dish the heavier it tastes. For wine, wine color and alcohol level are good indications.

In the unlikely event of leftovers…

Wine will stay drinkable and high quality for up to 2 days after opening. A wine bottle vacuum pump can help preserve flavors and aromas.