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The story behind the creation of Alon & Ela wines…

The Alon and Ela are a pair.

A pair of wines and a pair of trees – the Oak and the Terebinth.
The two wines were conceived to express the essence of Israel’s Galilee region and the bond between the two trees and their surroundings.
We in the Galilee have been acquainted with the oak and terebinth trees since the days of the Bible, when the two were a pair that grew and lived side by side: “They sacrifice upon the mountaintop and burn incense upon the hills, under oak and birches and terebinth, because its shadow is good” (Hose a, 4:13). In recognition of their essence, we created the Alon and Ela wines. One masculine and powerful, the other delicate and rare.
Like the oak tree with its sturdy trunk, thick green foliage and deep roots. Alon transmits a strong and powerful character connected to the soil. This is expressed in a wine with an intensive and impressive body, a strong purple-red color, and notes of blackberry and black raspberry accompanied by aromas of earth, tobacco and toasted oak.
Ela, on the other hand, provides us with shade and coolness. A large yet delicate tree, with vibrant green foliage, the terebinth has long and elegant branches with an airy cover, enabling the sun to penetrate throughout its leaves. More delicate in appearance, the terebinth simultaneously transmits beauty and elegance. The Ela wine, in turn, has an elegant velvety and silky texture, and a violet color. The wine displays characters of plum, red cherry and blueberry, accompanied by aromas of spice, mint and bark.
Alon and Ela, masculine and feminine in nature. A pair of wines.